New Voicemail message Transcription For Google Voice And Project Fi Reduces Errors By 49%

New Voicemail message Transcription For Google Voice And Project Fi Reduces Errors By 49%

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Sometimes Google’s voicemail message transcription is a good example to obtain the way, along with other occasions it is a apparently random assortment of words that just seem sensible when you are intoxicated by excellent narcotics. But maybe forget about. Google has announced that better transcriptions are moving by helping cover their a 49% decrease in the mistake rate. This is applicable to both Google Voice and Project Fi.

Google made these enhancements towards the transcription engine utilizing a “lengthy short-term memory deep recurrent neural network.” Users were requested to lead voicemails for research purposes, that have been accustomed to tune natural language processing of the system. You don’t have to do anything whatsoever to obtain the better transcriptions, it ought to just begin working instantly.

When it comes to error rate, Google does not explain exactly what the 49% improvement should be compared to. The implication appears to become it’s 49% much better than anything they were using before arrived on the scene. If that’s the case, that might be pretty significant.


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