Ars Technica: Google Is Getting Ready To Launch Android Pay, An API For Seamless Tap-And-Pay Transactions

Ars Technica: Google Is Getting Ready To Launch Android Pay, An API For Seamless Tap-And-Pay Transactions

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Google has already established a reasonably rough time convincing customers to use Wallet for in-store purchases. However, using the recent purchase of Softcard’s “technology” alongside intends to preload Wallet on Android phones from most major US carriers, Bing is putting the weight behind a restored effort to become a major player at brick-and-mortar locations. Amongst rumors that Google continues to have another thing to announce at I/O, Ars Technica received some advice that the completely new payment platform known as Android Pay is going to be announced in the conference.

Based on the source, Android Pay is particularly geared for cellular devices and enables 3rd-party apps they are driving both virtual and real-world purchases via a single interface. Tap-and-pay interactions will still use Host Card Emulation (HCE) and NFC, much like Wallet, but transactions can happen completely within 3rd-party apps for any seamless experience. Imagine ordering an espresso with the custom Starbucks application, after which passing your phone more than a payment terminal without switching to Google Wallet application. This may appear just like a trivial difference, but consumers resist transactions because they be complicated.

Don’t be concerned, google’s Wallet application and repair aren’t going anywhere. Tap-and-pay transactions should still tell you Wallet whenever a 3rd-party application does not behave as an intermediary, and Play Store IAPs and purchases should remain unchanged. The Android Pay API is perfect for 3rd-party developers that provide real-world products or services through custom apps, and it’ll operate individually from Wallet. It may sound like payment information joined through Wallet is going to be instantly open to use through Android Pay, but no specifics received. It isn’t obvious when the Wallet APIs for Android is going to be eliminated once they become redundant, or still be employed in tandem with Android Pay.

Ars claims that Google does not have partner companies yet, however this may indicate the API continues to be within the works. Google, like a number of other tech companies, frequently invites select companies and developers for early access, even utilizing their products in public places demonstrations and bulletins. If Android Pay will be announced at Google I/O, scheduled for that finish of May, may possibly not be accessible for fast integration, or only launch like a closed beta.

While there is no specific need to link the 2, it is possible Android Pay could also be used introducing an interaction based payment system codenamed “Plaso” that Google continues to be testing. When the two are being released together, it might create a quite interesting presentation at I/O.

Bing is clearly focused on standing its ground against Apple Pay along with other competitors. Despite many early difficulties, Android’s massive install base should give Google a benefit in moving forwards using its own payment system.


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  2. Jarrett Lennon Kaufman says:

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