How addicted are you currently to mobile phone applications? [infographic]

How addicted are you currently to mobile phone applications? [infographic]

How lengthy would you go without mobile phone applications? Minutes, hrs, days?

Based on Andrea Cruz, of Mashable, you almost certainly couldn’t go very lengthy. Infact, Cruz states many people say they’d rather quit water than their mobile phone applications:

“In market research on mobile application conduct, 82% of individuals who responded stated you will find critical apps they’re not able to go without – not really for just one day. Individuals include email (57%), Facebook (41%) and noisy alarms apps (31%).

Apigee, the API company, released the outcomes of their 2013 Mobile Application Conduct survey of smartphone proprietors. They requested 762 smartphone proprietors over the U.S., United kingdom, Germany, France and The country regarding their application usage and dependence. Ends up we’re an addicted bunch. Most (85%) stated they’d rather go without water than their mobile phone applications.“

Here’s a glance at Apigee’s infographic of smartphone owners’ mobile application conduct:


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    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Lol

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